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     Rangers Ministry Academy – 2010 to present

The Rangers Ministry Academy is new but has elements of the old as well. Training emphasis will be toward five different audiences:

(1) Church leaders – Introductory training concerning Royal Rangers for pastors. Refer to the Church Leader Training for more information.

(2) Support Staff – Training for outpost committee members and other support staff. Refer to Support Staff Training for more information.

(3) Junior Leaders – Training in four areas to equip and empower our boys and young men. Refer to Junior Leader Training for more information.

(a) Junior Leadership Fundamentals – Local training for outpost leadership positions.

(b) Local Leadership Merits – Local training.

(c) District Junior Leadership Development Camps. – NC Ranger Training Academy.

(d) Action Camps – District training for high school boys and men. These camps replace National and Junior Training Trails (NTT/JTT), National and Junior Canoe Expedition NCE/JCE), Winter National Training Camp (WNTC) and Junior Winter Camp ( JWC).

(a) READY – Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials, and practical application.

(b) SAFETY – 1st Aid/CPR, Safety & the Church, and practical application.

(c) TRAINED – NTC/NRMC or RKTC/NEEC, and practical application.

(d) ADVANCED – WCO, two modules, and practical application.

(5) Trainers – Training for Certified Instructors and national camp staff. Refer to Train the Trainer for further information.

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