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 Junior Staff-2 

Platinum Level Training

(Expedition –Plus Camps)

By invitation.  Junior Staff-2 training is for boys who have completed Jr Staff-1.  EJLC is for boys who have completed the Trail to the Saber and other NC training requirements.  EJLC graduates may be eligible to attend the Junior Leadership Training Camp. 



*Pathfinder School

This school combines two camps, the Junior Missions Camp, and Junior Survival Camp.  It is designed to prepare boys for missions construction trips.  It is scheduled every other year at  RTA.


*Action Camps

These camps are conducted through the North Carolina Ranger Training Academy.  They may be held concurrently with the RTA or held in separate locations and at various times throughout the year.  To be eligible, a boy must have completed AJTC and the ninth grade.  Male Ranger leaders may also participate as students.  The names of these camps will change since they are replacing the junior camps and respective adult camp.  Patches may also change.



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