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  2002-2010 – Leadership Training Academy (LTA)


The LTA was designed with the mindset that training is continuous. Leaders, who had already earned the Blue or Red LMAs, were provided a transition tract consisting of the new Ranger Basics and a follow-on Transition Module that introduced the new curriculum. Upon completion of the transition training, the leader was authorized the Gold LMA.

New leaders had to complete Ranger Basics and a core of training consisting of 1st Aid/CPR certification, Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2, Successful Outpost, Safety & the Church, an age-level activities module, and one (originally two) elective modules. Additionally, leaders working with Discovery, Adventure, or Expedition Rangers, had to complete either the National Training Camp (NTC) or the LTA Campout Module. Leaders working with Ranger Kids had to complete the Buckaroo-Straight Arrow Training Conference (BSTC), Ranger Kid Training Conference (RKTC), or the Ranger Kids Skills Module.

A training patch was awarded for completing Ranger Basics, and an LMA patch and medal were authorized when all requirements were completed.                                                             



Over the years, numerous modules were released to assist Ranger leaders in various areas of their ministry. Additional modules were recognized on the LMA medal and ribbon by numerals. These numerals began only after earning the Gold LMA. Commanders, who earned their LMA through the transition tract, could count all modules completed after the transition module, as well as national training camps. New commanders could not count those modules or camps required to earn the LMA; any module or camp beyond the required ones could be represented with a numeral.

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