Page ( B )   Leadership Training Academy

Twenty-five modules were released periodically after the release of Ranger Basics, however, several modules were beta versions and never released after being introduced and were discontinued (e.g. Teaching Techniques and Ranger Orientation). The following listed modules were components of the LTA. Some of these will be dropped or incorporated into the new Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials of the Ranger Ministry Academy (RMA). Others will remain and fall under the category of “Continuous Learning.”


Discipleship 1                          Senior Commander                    Teaching Techniques 2

Discipleship 2                         How to Start an Outpost              Ranger Orientation 2

Safety & the Church                Outpost Chaplain                       Your Legacy

Successful Outpost                  Outpost Council                         Ranger Kid Day Camp

RK Activities                            Patrol Method                           District Leadership Training Course

DR/AR Activities                 Classroom Management                  Working with Boys with Disabilities

ER Activities                                FCF                                      Child & Substance Abuse Prevention

LTA Campout                    Presentation Skills                            Royal Ranger Data Manager

2 RK Skills                         1st Aid/CPR Certification1

1 non-Ranger training                                                                         2 Beta module


The following national camps will be counted as Gold LMA numerals if earned before January 1, 2010 and were not used to earn the LMA.


National Training Camp  1                                                                Urban Leaders Training Conference  4                       

Buckaroo-Straight Arrow Training  Conference2                        Ranger Kids Training Conference 5

National Training Trails 3                                                                 National Academy Phase 1

National Canoe Expedition 3                                                             National Academy

Winter National Training Camp 3                                                    Advanced National Academy

National Aquatic Camp 3                                                                    Academy Instructor


1 replaced with National Ranger Ministry Camp in 2011

2 replaced with Ranger Kids Training Conference

3 to be converted into District Action Camp

4 discontinued

5 to be replaced with National Elementary Education Conference

The LTA and Gold LMA officially ended December 31, 2010.