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Organizational Leadership Training


This training is designed to go beyond normal Ranger training.  It goes into ministerial studies and service.  There are two distinct sides of this training, and the leader may decide to complete only the Ranger side of it.   

On one side is the Royal Rangers Organizational Leadership Diploma offered by Berean School of the Bible.  Completion of the Bronze and Silver level of educational courses fulfill the educational requirements for acertified minister.  The Gold and Platinum levels fulfill the requirements for licensure.  However, credentials are at the disposition of a district not Berean.  Courses from other schools may be accepted.  Refer to Global University for details.

On the other side is the OLT training coordinated by the National Royal Ranger Office.  The same courses are taken, however, they need not be in any particular order.  From the Ranger side, there is also required readings, seminar attendance, and service requirements.  NC District Royal Rangers will support leaders in their endeavors should they decide to follow this training tract.

OLT- Ranger Emphasis

The ( OLT ) with Ranger Emphasis is broken into five categories of work.

Education Requirements

Leadership Development Seminars        

Link to Leadership Seminar

Service Requirements

Reading Assignments

Personal Goals    

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