NC. Royal Rangers:

Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of  Royal Rangers dedicated to the advancement of the mission and  purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry through the development of advanced camping and leadership skills. FCF encourages members to pursue personal growth through the development of woodsman ship, leadership, friendship, achievement, and courage, utilizing the imagery and lore of the early .

  American Frontiersman


To stay up to date on what’s happing around. The Old Hickory Chapter

contact Willing Eagle at  ( oldhickorychapter@gmail.com )

Old Hickory FCF overnight camps are open to FCF members and their invited male guests as follows:

Adult male or boys 18 years of age or older & guests whose name is on the district approved Volunteer list.

Other guests of FCF members that are welcome to visit the camp from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or through the end of the evening council fire service, whichever is later.

Boy guests who are in 3rd grade or above.

Other guests may include adult females, boys and girls not yet in 3rd grade and adult males not yet on the district approved volunteer list.

FCF members shall be responsible for their guests at all times while they are on camp premises.

ALL camp attendees (members  and guests) shall register with the Scribe upon arriving at camp by turning in a completed camp registration form.

Please remember that all adult members and guests at any district event MUST be on the district volunteer list. More information can be found online below:

Volunteers | (ncroyalrangers.com)

There is no exceptions to this policy. No adults without cleared background checks will be allowed to stay in camp.  Find the list HERE.

All  the best,  Willing Eagle                                       If you are ready for advancement, we’d encourage you to submit your application. While Buckskin applications are accepted on a continuing basis (we schedule the challenge as we receive applications), If you have any questions about Buckskin advancement, please contact Jonathan “Prospector” Lewis, jlewis2604@gmail.com, 919-867-5592.

Buckskin Applications and the $30 application fee should be sent to Jon Charest, 4509 Sterling Place, Raleigh, NC 27612 or scanned and emailed to OldHickoryChapter@gmail.com. Please make checks out to “NC AG.”


                                   2017-Riflemen-Territorial-Redezvous Dec. 19,2017

The story of how (FCF) may of started Sept. 1862

This may be How (FCF) GOT STARTED   Oct. 1862

Great Frozen Trek (HOW EAGLE CLAW SAVED capt.  Beaver’s life  Nov. 1862

The-Grizzly-a-43.2 pound-Rat-and-the-Outhouse,  Dec. 1862

The Time Scraggly Coyote Fell In Love  .Jan. 1863

NC.Trappers Brig.Point Application

FCF Event Registration (National) FCF Forms237px-Compass_Rose_English_North.svg


Germanton NC. Dexter Carrols Place

Falcon NC. Camp Freedom

 FCF President Tim Chase (Mountain Bear)

   Is a very busy Bearand the preferred way to contact him is by phone. ( 1-919-796-8560 )

E-Mail as the last resort (bear27591@yahoo.com)


FCF Chairman… Thomas Lee… 1-919-631-4192

FCF President… Tim Chase (Mountain Bear)… 919-796-8560

FCF Vice-President, Administration… George Ayer (Wolverine) … 704-425-0047

FCF Vice-President, Events… Mike Bentley (Sycamore) … 919-607-2890

FCF Vice-President, Advancement… Tim Kindley (Eagle Claw) … 336-263-8989

FCF Scribe… Jon Charest…Willing Eagle…1-919-757-2698

FCF Vice-President, Skills…                              

    Seek Him first, face the wind, and keep your powder dry!