Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of

Royal Rangers dedicated to the advancement of the mission and

purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry through the development of 

advanced camping and leadership skills. FCF encourages members

to pursue personal growth through the development of woodsman

ship, leadership, friendship, achievement, and courage, utilizing the imagery and lore of the early American Frontiersman.144777362065777NEW

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 FCF President Tim Chase (Mountain Bear)

   Is a very busy Bearand the preferred way to contact him is by phone. ( 1-919-796-8560 )

E-Mail as the last resort (

FCF Forms 

NC.Trappers Brig.Point Application


FCF Chairman … Brady Allen (Warming Fire) … 910-554-8640

FCF President … Tim Chase (Mountain Bear) … 919-796-8560

FCF Vice-President, Administration … George Ayer (Wolverine) … 704-425-0047

FCF Vice-President, Events … Mike Bentley (Sycamore) … 919-607-2890

FCF Vice-President, Advancement … Tim Kindley (Eagle Claw) … 336-263-8989

FCF Scribe …George Ayer (Wolverine) … 704-425-0047

FCF Vice-President, Skills …

FCF Vice-President, “Companions” (2016) … Bonnie Blount … tba                                


Directions to

Germanton NC. Dexter Carrols Place

Falcon NC. Camp Freedom

 Camp Chamblee near Elizabethtown NC.

    Seek Him first, face the wind, and keep your powder dry!