Medal of Excellence

This will not be an easy medal to earn and not for the average commander.  The main requirements are:

The outpost leader must be Advanced Level to submit for the award. 

The leader MUST be the PRIMARY mentor and teacher for a particular boy during his
earning the three levels of accomplishment in his age group. 
This means the Elk, Cougar, Wolverine and RK medal for a Ranger Kid; Gold Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle for a Discovery Ranger; Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals of Achievement for an Adventure or Expedition Ranger, and the E1, E2, and E3 medals for an Expedition Ranger.The boy must have started his age group advancements after September 1, 2008. A commander may earn more than one, but it is not something that will be earned in a year or two. It is taking a boy on his journey and will likely span between two and a half to three years.
The Medal of Excellence will be somewhat of a leaders’ Gold Medal of Achievement.  Not all commanders will receive it, just like all boys do not receive the GMA.    

Medal of Excellence Information

Medal of Excellence Application