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NC. (Eastern)  Pow – Wow  

( 2020)

Theme:        TBD

Location:    TBD

 Dates:         TBD

Pre-requisites: Anyone 18 years and older MUST have a background check done and name on the NC R/R Volunteer List. Medical Release Forms must be presented for each attendee at check in station.


Pow-Wow 2020 is as follows:

POC:   Kurt Miller

Phone  1-910-265-8265

E-Mail: Buzzch46@aol.com

Please try to limit the Pow Wow registrations to 1 per outpost as much as possible.  Please coordinate with your Outpost Coordinator / Senior Commander before registering.
When your outpost is ready, you can click on the Register Now link below to register.



Please read over all Forms Below:

Medical Release Letter:

Safety and Security Rules



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