Locate an Outpost

NC. Royal Rangers:

Is divided into Three Division, Eastern, Central & Western, each division is divided into Sections.
The Sections are colored in on the map of North Carolina below.
To locate a Church with a Ranger Ministry near you ,
locate your County and identify the Section. The Event Coordinator’s Name and Phone Number is listed under,the Division Name below. 

ropedivider8 NC Sections


Eastern Sections 1

Atlantic Event Coordinator                 Ron Burrows           252-633-9928

Cape Fear Event Coordinator            To be announced

Coastal Event Circuit Coordinator           Jesse Burden    919-794-2886

Pamlico Event Coordinator                      Tom Frith           252-393-1456

Central Sections 1

  Capital Event Coordinator              Ken Capps              252-904-0791

 Gateway Event Coordinator             To be announced

Hispanic Event Coordinator             To be announced 

 Indian Event Coordinator                 To be announced 

 Sandhills Event Coordinator            Mike Coleman        919-639-4824


Western Sections 1

Great Smokes Event Coordinator       Michael Giaimo      828-369-3894

Blue Ridge Event Coordinator          To be announced

Metrolina Event Coordinator             Wesley Kilcrease     704-875-1963

Piedmont Event Coordinator                      (TBD)                           

If you are lost and need some help yet.ropedivider8National Locator below