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   Pathfinder Adventure

Kenya and Nepal

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Pathfinder Adventure  

Kenya and Nepal

The National Pathfinder Director has two pathfinder missions scheduled for the very near future.  The timing is short, but there may be someone in your outpost that may want to try making at least one of these trips.

If anyone in your outpost would like to try, the point of contact is Mr. Mike King at 931-626-9358 or mikeking5@bellsouth.net.  He would need anyone interested in going to contact him directly for paperwork purposes.

The first trip is to Nepal in February 7-19-2019.  The cost is $1200.00 plus air fare.

The second trip is to Kenya in February 22 through March 4th 2019.  The cost is $2000.00 plus air fare.  Extra money will be needed for offerings and souvenirs.

These trips are no different than any other pathfinder trip. The volunteer will be required to raise his or her own funds unless your church pays their way.

The lodging will be in a hotel, and I am told that the food is very good.  During the work week the volunteers will be in one location in Kenya.  Nepal will be slightly different. They will be in one location, but it will include a lot of walking.  That means they will need good boots or whatever footware allowed.

If your outpost has young men that would like to go, they must be 16 years old.  If there are any females that desire to go, they are welcome. However, if they are single they must invite another female along.  Couples are encouraged to join the team.

When the volunteer contacts Mr. King, he will be able to tell them what  paperwork is required.   If there are any other questions, contact Brady Allen Jr. at 910-554-8640 or RevAllenB@outlook.com





   Pathfinder Adventure

Bolivia and Alaska Mission

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Pathfinder Adventure  

Bolivia and Alaska Mission
Greetings to all of you and I pray that you had an outstanding time of
We have been given another opportunity to be part of a great ministry of
helps. There are two pathfinder missions coming in 2019 that I pray will spark
the interest of some of our leaders who can find the time to go.
The first trip is a Silver Team trip to Bolivia. This trip is in June 7-15-2019. The cost will be $1800.00. That will cover the air fare, food, lodging, and visa.
Bolivia requires a visa that cost $160.00, and it is for 10 years.
The work involved in this trip is repairs at the Bolivian Center in Coachabama,
Bolivia. There is a church that is helping with material for this project, but it will not be enough. The cost of material is $10.000, and any help your District
can offer would be appreciated.
The second trip is a Bronze trip to Alaska. This trip will be in two parts and
two teams. The first team will arrive on July 5th. thru 14. The teams will be living in rooms. Their focus will be on installing an indoor handicap ramp at the
church, building a pavilion or working on cabins. This materials cost is
$10.000.00 plus. They are praying for help from a BGMC fund raiser.
The second team will arrive on the 13th. in Healey. They have most of the
funds, but would appreciate any other help. Their work load will consist of
installing a generator and other projects around the church. The cost for this
trip is $1800.00 or less. There will be a dis
count worked out for anyone
staying to work on both projects. The total work days would be about 16.
For paperwork, please contact
Mr. Mike King at 931-626-9358 or mikeking5@bellsouth.net
If you have questions concerning there trips, please contact me at 910-554-8640 or RevAllenB@outlook.com