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North Carolina District Web-Site

The North Carolina Royal Rangers ,

web site was started by Rusty Rayfield back before old 3Hats can remember.

Back then, it was sort of like a small version of Ranger DJ’s site, with fun stuff on it.

The current website (www.ncroyalrangers.com) was started up by Susanne Meza Keuthen on 27 October, 2000 and began to be used extensively by the District in 2001. 3 Hats took care of the FCF part of the site.

Rusty took over the website in 2002. (except the FCF part, which was still maintained by 3Hats)

 3Hats got it back after Rusty went to be with the Lord in August, 2002.

 Toward the end of the year in 2002, Tall Feather helped us out and let us use some of his material for our website. Goose REALLY helped us out by making up a whole web page for us with pictures of all of our events. Thanks Tall Feather and Goose!

 In Feb 2003, Black Bart took over the photo page from Goose. Thanks, Goose and Black Bart.

 In March, 2003 Blisters took over the entire site, except the FCF part, which 3Hats kept. 3Hats is very grateful to his friend Blisters, and wishes him the best: Sometime around July, 2004, 3Hats got the whole site back, except the photo page, which is still taken care of by Black Bart.

 In December 2003, George and Jordan DuVall took a turn at running the main site…but not the FCF section or the photo page

 In April 2004, 3Hats got the whole site back, except the photo page, which is still taken care of by Black Bart.

 In February 2007, Roger Green took over the District Web site, except the photo page run by Black Bart.

 In March 2007 the website photo album was handed over to Roger Green. THANK YOU to Black Bart for his many years of dedicated service to the NCRR website Photo Album

 In Sept. 2009 George S. Ross (AKA ) Shooting Pine, accepted control of the District Web site , FCF Pages , and the Photo Album , after a Pow Wow with Warming Fire ,Roger Green & Shooting Pine it was decided to convert the web site  to a stage that wouldn’t require a knowledge of HTML code to be maintained. The site was restructured with Trellix Web Software in 2009 , & shortly there after, the Web Hosting provider removed (ncroyalrangers.com) from there servers & the web, due to the number of hits it was recieving,The Site was rebuilt again with WordPress and a new Host (Go Daddy) to the present time. Thank you Roger Green, for your idea and dedicated service.