2021Territorial Rendezvous

NC. Royal Rangers:


Greetings Old Hickory FCF!

Your help is needed!

As you know our chapter is hosting the Territorial Rendezvous in October. Much has already been done in preparation for this event but more is needed with site preparation.

WORK DAY at Camp Freedom:

A work day has been scheduled for Saturday, Sept 18. We really need a full day of work done on Saturday so the camp will be opened Friday, Sept 17 to allow for distance travelers to camp out Friday night in order to get an early start on Saturday. Friday night campers can camp by any means: tent, vehicle, RV, etc.

WHAT is needed:

~ There are a lot of fallen trees that will need to be cut up and hauled around the camp and strategically stacked for firewood for campers to draw from.

~ The shed needs to be cleaned and set up, that is; tables moved and space made for a council fire service if inclement weather.

~ One field has 2 feet high grass that needs to be cut; bush hog or capable mower required.

~ Bring: your chainsaws, safety equipment, work gloves, truck beds or utility trailers to load and move wood around the camp, bush hog or equal, log splitter.

OTHER item needed:

One support item is needed at Rendezvous: Our chapter needs to provide one meal for the territorial staff. If you can provide one meal for 7 staff members during the Rendezvous then contact Buzzard at (910) 265-8265 and he will know which meals have not been signed up for. We will share food cost.

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness.

If you have questions or need additional information please let Buzzard or Wolverine know.

Kurt Miller, Buzzard,


George Ayer, Wolverine,


2021 Riflemen Territorial Rendezvous
October 14-17

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